Modding Council

The AoE3 Modding Council is a beneficial network of skilled AoE3 modders of mostly well-known mod projects, who got together for mutually professionalizing and improving their modís development.

A more intensified and focused communication and exchange of resources between the mods also enabled previously rare collaborations in a new manner and extent. The interest and belief in mutual inspiration, aid, general progress and a powerful AoE3 modding community firmly ties this alliance together. Apart from internal mod collaborations, the Council also intends to push the modding scene by writing tutorials, releasing tools and sharing technology with beginners and interested fellows.

"Creating a mod for Age of Empires III, requires a lot of resources, time and most importantly knowledge. The Modding Council is where all modders come together to make all those things a little bit easier on one another."

The Dude - Knights & Barbarians

"The Modding Council is a much needed initiative. Not only it has lessened the conflict and rivalry between competing mods, it'll certainly be the starting point of many amazing collaborations that'll help the community as a whole.
Even if it hasn't yet been used to it's full potential, it's starting to show what the community can do when it collaborates among peers."

Hoop Thrower - War of the Triple Alliance

"The modding community for AoE3 is sadly not enormous, but by sharing knowledge and resources in the Modding Council we can make the best of what we have, and improve the quality of not just one, but all mods."

peugeot407 - Knights & Barbarians

"Remembering the days when helping other mods felt like defecting, the Council has achieved huge progress on raising solidarity between mods. It's fun to work with all these veterans and throwing our ideas and knowledge into a pool that mixes these ingredients to create yet another fascinating thing. - I enjoy the swimming!"

Tilanus Commodor - Napoleonic Era

Members of the Council (Councillors) are expected to stick to several guidelines, which are also known as the Councilís codex. It emphasizes traits such as honesty, fairness, mutual respect and unselfishness.

The Modding Council is hosted at the WotTA forum. The participating mod projects are Napoleonic Era, Knights & Barbarians, War of the Triple Alliance and The Fight of Nations. Apart from mod projects also single modders are allowed to join. To become a part of the Council, evident proof of skill and motivation as well as common respect for the candidate among the Councillors is required.