Will be reinterpreted to become a Citizen. Generally this economical unit will have no armour and fewer hitpoints. Cost reductions also seem likely, but have not been decided yet.

Instead of the Market techs Blunderbuss (improves damage) and Great Coat (improves hitpoints) this unit upgrades just like military units do. Their gather rates won't be affected by these upgrades though. By default Settlers will be available as Peasants. Some civs like Russia start with a downgraded version, the Serf. The next and so far only upgrade after Peasantry is the Bourgeoisie, which turns Peasants into Citizens. These can be worthy additions to Militia armies in cases of threat.


More tactical and less combat based version. Emphasis on LOS and fighting other tactical units such as Commanders and Riflemen.

Priests & Surgeons

These units are considered redundant, because of their singular, non-permanent action concept. The healing ability can easily get taken over by the Field Hospital and the Church. These buildings can also easily be constructed by Sappers and Settlers. One motivation behind kicking these units was also to reduce the amount of units that require additional micro.


The Explorer will focus on civil duties now such as buildings Trading Posts and Town Centers. There will be almost no military improvements. He'll keep his bonus against treasure guardians and the crackshot ability though. It is likely to happen in further NE3 releases that the explorer will be redefined with a more specific role.

Architects & Merchants

The former idea of having a regular Architect and Merchant unit for all civs has been scrapped. Instead Architects should become a tech like the Treadmill Crane in AoE2 (considering a contemporary equivalent), increasing the building speed of Settlers significantly. Merchants are supposed to be some sort of economical equivalent to Architects.



The Swordsman (alternatively: Roundshier) is a new archaic unit next to Pikemen and Arquebusiers. He's fast moving, has got excellent hand armor and counters infantry of any kind. Due to his low health and the lack of ranged armor he's not a serious threat for professional ranged troops, though, but can do very well during the early game when facing pikemen, arquebusiers and smaller detachments of musketeers in melee combat.


The concept of this unit has been completely reworked. It becomes cheaper and instead of gold it costs wood now (thus wood and food). It has a smaller range, less damage and fewer speed than Musketeers, but good melee defences. They're some sort of an inverse Musketeer being good at fighting infantry, but not cavalry, thus useful especially in earlier ages to defend against Swordsmen and Pikemen. A costy tech/card may allow turning trained Arquebusiers once into Musketeers.


They are no more artillery units, but heavy infantry, train at Barracks now and use muskets instead of grenades, which have been limited to building attack. Instead of area siege damage or ranged damage, they still cause siege damage though, which has the advantage of ignoring armour of enemy units and is roughly the same amount of damage points like that of Musketeers. They're the elitary Musketeers due to more hitpoints, slightly faster ROF, better melee and melee armour. They also cost more than Musketeers though.


These are reworked Minutemen and cheap, massable line infantry troops with meager to average stats. They have low health, ranged armour and cost food and wood. Unlike Minutemen, the Militia doesn't lose health over time. They can be used for both, defense and offense and in unique cases they might also get an upgrade. Militia can be trained at Town Centers and Towers. They train quicker than other units.

National Guard

National guards are powerful ranged infantry troops that are unique to each civ and usually compensate prior individual deficits of civs. They're not necessarily elite troops, but have all together solid stats, ranged armor and cost wood and coins. Most probably they'll train along with Militia in Town Centers and Towers.


The Sergeant is a new strong melee unit armed with a spontoon that can be used to guard precious units like Commanders, Riflemen and Artillery from all sorts of melee charges or on the other side reinforce own charges. They regularly train in the Military Academy and through additional activation (tech, card) or civ bonus they can be trained by Commanders as well. Their stats can be compared to the abandoned Teutonic Knights and Halberdiers. They have ranged armour, high base damage and small bonus vs. cavalrymen.



The Cuirassier is a regular cavalry unit in Age 3 and is supposed to play out similarly to the knights in AoE2, whereas the "knight capabilities" of Hussars and Chevaulegers will be reduced in exchange for light cavalry benefits.


Costs, hitpoints and damage have been reduced and the malus vs. Light Cavalry has been removed in order to make them lighter and easier available, so they feel more like Light Cavalry/Hussars of AoE2. They have an increased LOS now.


Chevaulegers are heavier duplicates of Hussars and they cost +20 resources. They are tougher but also slightly slower and see less than Hussars.


The Lancer, that was previously known as Uhlan, is a regular unit now and becomes available first in Age 4 and receives two additional upgrades. In the Polish civ Lancers will thus compensate the lack of an imperial Husarz upgrade and likely replace them in usage as they cost less resources and only 1 pop, but have similar effects. Lancers can be seen as massable shock cavalry.


Tatars are the redesigned cavalry archers. As opposed to Dragoons their primary advantages are higher fire rates, speed and earlier availability (Age 2). Their downsides are less hitpoints and less damage per action. Unlike Dragoons they also don't start with Veteran stats and require an additional update in Age 3.


Compared to Tatars, Dragoons have a slower fire rate, speed and presumingly a later availability, but their shots inflict more damage, they have more armour and more HP. Just like Tatars they additionally got a bonus versus Settlers.

Chasseur cheval

Elitary mounted rifleman with a slow ROF, high range, high base damage and good anti-infantry and anti-hero bonus. Trains just like Riflemen at the Military Academy, but as opposed to these there is no plan so far to give Chasseurs cheval any direct unit upgrade. It differs from the Dragoon being quicker, having slightly better ranged armour, but less hitpoints. The Dragoon then again could probably lose some of his anti-inf capabilities.


The Commander is a new powerful, mounted tactical hero armed with a pistol with good army aura boosts and limited individual fighting skills. He may receive HC shipments, frighten enemy and boost own military units and train Sergeants after HC activation. The Commander can be trained only once at the Military Academy for a higher amount of resources (food and coin), but costs no pop. Commanders die permanently, but their corpse doesn't decay.

Commanders are not really blessed with good speed and would rather slow down quicker cav units, but are yet quick enough to escape from slowest cavalry and fastest infantry. Even though he is currently listed as Cavalry, he technically is an Infantry unit in order to blend into infantry formations. A speed boost aura ("forced march") hasn't been decided yet.



Sappers have been reworked and are designed to fulfill a spectrum of different tasks ranging from building battlefield fortifications (******, **** **** and Field Hospitals), wood cutting and siege attacks. Sappers are artillerymen with siege armour, that cost 2pop, some food and a higher amount of gold. They attack in melee with an axe and buildings and units on range with hand grenades. The grenade has a bonus against buildings (particularly fortifications such as Towers, Walls, Forts) and can be later replaced with a hand mortar that loads slower, but has higher range and does add +10% damage. The hand mortar needs to be enabled first by tech/card. In spite of that Sappers also receive regular upgrades.


Will be retextured in Sapper style and probably get renamed. Should be a tad slower for more power and better siege armor. Has average hitpoints and costs more coins than wood. The costs should only allow exceptional usage and an additional build limit may prevent spams.

Quarter Cannon

The Quarter Cannon is a new heavy, slow standard cannon with good allrounder capabilities and thus comparably to Falconets. They use solid shots and can use case shot later on. In general theyre powerful, but their overall slowness doesn't make them good choices for quick attacks, but rather defense and well-prepared battles.

Field Gun

Field Guns are faster than Quarter Cannons and do quite well against infantry. They deal, however, less damage vs. buildings, have a smaller range and don't have as much hitpoints. Field guns use solid shots and can use case shot later on.


Heavier, but harder striking version of the AoE3 example. They're particularly effective versus buildings and ships, but are also able to target units, though with a significant loss of accuracy. The really strong fire modes like the explosive shot even have a higher tendency to miss their target to counterbalance their strength. Mortars are available in age 3 now, take longer to un/pack and have a huge minimum range that is around 50% of their maximum range.


Howitzers are versatile artillery hybrid pieces. They combine the mobility of Field guns, the range of Quarter cannons and the power of all available fire modes in order to fight both, units and buildings effectively. They're a lil costy though and become available first in Age 4.


Ships and the naval combat systems are currently being researched and discussed by the NE team. If you have any ideas, let us know!


Buildings are currently being researched and discussed by the NE team. If you have any ideas, let us know!