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"Hallo! It's me, Tilanus. I am the mod leader of Napoleonic Era and am serving this project in the best way I can since 12 years.

I regularly spend a great deal of my free time to improve NE and fight for making each next release possible. If you want to thank me for my work or just invest in my motivation to keep developing this mod, you can donate me a bit of the gold you gathered with your villagers.."

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please consider I do not get anything from donations <1€

Age of Empires CV
Tilanus Commodor

Napoleonic Era (2007 - today)
Project Leader

ESOC (2015 - today)
Designer & Advisor

AoE3 Subreddit (2015 - today)

AoE3 Modding Council (2012 - 2013)

The Ancient Age (2008-2010)
Project Leader

Age Community (2006 - 2012)

Further services
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Knights & Barbarians
Wars of Liberty
Improvement Mod
Struggle of Indonesia Mod
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