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Can I install Napoleonic Era and still play the original Age of Empires 3?

Yes! Our unique file system allows seamless switching between Napoleonic Era and the original game and supports ESO2 for both, no uninstall required. Simply click either the desktop icon for Napoleonic Era or Age of Empires 3 to choose your game.

What game versions and patches does Napoleonic Era require?

Napoleonic Era requires an unmodded, patched, legal copy of Age of Empires 3 and its 2 expansions The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties. If you own the Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection on Steam all patches and expansions are already installed.

Can I install and run Napoleonic Era on a Mac?

Yes! Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b is available for Mac OS X and can be installed with our beautiful automatic installer.

I need a product key/serial number. How can I get one?

Napoleonic Era does not require a key. If you own a legal copy of the game, try to insert the product keys for each original Age of Empires 3 part and then see whether the message persists. If you do not own a legal copy of the game, buy one. We do not provide product keys and do not support cracked copies of the game.

Files like DataPN.bar or rockallDLL.dll are missing, where can I get them?

By installing the latest patch for The WarChiefs from here. The DataPN.bar error might also be fixed through installing the latest The Asian Dynasties patch or through reinstallation.

How do I properly uninstall Napoleonic Era?

Napoleonic Era comes with a dedicated uninstaller which can be found in the Start menu under the name of 'Uninstall NE'. To run, double click it, or right click it and select the 'Run' option. Follow the onscreen instructions and the mod should uninstall in good order.

Error message: 'Game::initializeBasic() failed'. What can I do?

This is an issue of your Age of Empires 3. You can find a solution for it here.

Error message: 'Napoleonic Era has already been installed'. What can I do?

You didn't install a previous NE installation properly. Read here how you can fix it.



Can I play Napoleonic Era online?

Yes, Napoleonic Era works with GameRanger, Hamachi and also ESO2. If you want to play against other NE players, you can join this Napoleonic Era Online Group on Facebook and ask for matches. Homecities created with either Napoleonic Era or The Asian Dynasties should never be used in the other game though, otherwise progress might get lost. We recommend you to give your Homecities special names to separate them (i.e. NE Berlin or TAD London).

Where do I find the Napoleonic Era Random Maps?

The Napoleonic Era Random maps do not show up in the normal list of maps. To play them, check the box 'Custom Maps'. This box can be found just above the drop down map list. Upon checking it, the Napoleonic Era maps should be available. All civilizations are capable of using these maps.

I have found a bug or problem. What should I do?

If it is a minor bug, please report it here. If you have a bigger problem or issue, you can either search the forum to see if your problem has been answered or, if you really can't find the answer you are looking for, create a new thread.

Where on my computer is Napoleonic Era located?

Right click the shortcut on your desktop. Select the option 'Open file location'. This should take you to the relevant area in which the game is stored.



Which new civilizations are featured in Napoleonic Era?

Napoleonic Era currently adds 7 new and reworks 2 old civilizations that you can see here. We also set up a civilization page with more detailed civilization descriptions. More civilizations will be added in the future.

Why didn't you add civilization x ?

Several reasons, primarily it is either not within the mod's scope or it simply isn't relevant enough. We do our best though to include as many cultures and historical states as we can in the shape of natives, HC cards, mercenaries and unique units.

What new native civilizations are in Napoleonic Era?

Besides new civilizations and maps, NE also adds new natives. The original game and its expansions offers natives from just the Americas and Asia. NE adds new natives from Europe, North Africa and West Asia, areas that are uncovered by Age of Empires III. The new natives are:

  • Barbary Pirates
  • Bavarians
  • Egyptians
  • Finns
  • Hashashins
  • Maltese
  • Mongols
  • Tuareg
  • Wurttembergers
  • Westphalians

In general the new natives of NE offers stronger options than those of the original game. Also new natives such as Greeks and Arabs will come in later versions and there will be some rework of the current NE natives.

Why are some original civilizations missing and neither available in skirmish nor for homecity creation?

Age of Empires III has been hardcoded to only support 14 civilizations at a time, so we made the decision to replace some of the old civilizations with the new ones. At the same time we pre-created homecities for every replaced civilization, allowing you to play as whomever you like in singleplayer. This issue will be fixed entirely in the next version.

Danish: I heard Napoleonic Era has a Danish civilization. Why is it not in my game?

The Danish-Norwegian civilization is currently being developed and will be released in the next version NE 2.1.8.

French: Why can I not train Chasseurs and Grognards?

This is unfortunatley a bug caused by how the game recognizes unit cost. It will be patched in the next version.

Inca: The civilization seems incomplete. Will it be finished in the future?

Unfortunatley, no. The Incas are not within the historical scope of NE, and with so much work to do, the decision was made to drop them in our next version. If they would ever re-appear again, then solely as a declared bonus civ.

Italians: How can I build more merchants?

You need to send the homecity cards named after Italian states and towns such as Duchy of Milan or Florence. Those raise the build limit of merchants and have various other effects.

Persians: The civilization seems incomplete. Will it be finished in the future?

The Persians are still a bonus civilization in the current build. They will be fully reworked in future release NE 2.2.

Polish: Why can't I age up while playing with the Poles?

You need to build more Hodowlanys, the Polish farms (which we will rename to Folwarks). You need one to age up to the Colonial Age, two for the Fortress Age and three for the Industrial Age.

Polish: Why is there only a revolution, but no age 5?

Poland has been partitioned several times in its history. Therefore we decided it would be appropriate to force the Polish civilization into a situation that illustrates the lack of a state and requires a special gameplay from the player.

Polish: How can I mount the Partyzant?

You need to enable Advanced Formations in the game options at the UI tab and then click the horse icon to mount the Partzyant.

Swiss: Why can I not reach 200 pop?

While the Swiss played an important role in European wars as mercenaries their own "state" did not. The Swiss Confederacy itself was a small agricultural country with few military power. In Napoleonic Era the Swiss can field powerful units, but fewer in general. You can significantly raise the pop space by sending the homecity card Alte Eidgenossenschaft.



What's the best way to stay updated about this mod?

Join the team. :D You can follow us on ModDB, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course on our forum here on this site. In irregular intervals we publish so called Modding Reports in our News section.

Can I help?

Certainly! Take a look at our openings here. We are willing to provide instructions and guidance so long as you are willing to learn in return.

I would like to make a donation for your hard work! Is it possible?

Yes, it is! You can donate to the NE project leader Tilanus Commodor here. Any donation above one euro or dollar is welcome, but naturally larger sums would fire up our motivation particularly!

Is this an official expansion pack for Age of Empires III?

No, Napoleonic Era is a fan-made project, but yet acts like an inofficial expansion. We have no affiliation with Microsoft and there are neither plans nor talks about Napoleonic Era becoming another official expansion for an Age of Empires title.

Does Napoleonic Era include a campaign or are you planning to do one?

No, a NE campaign is neither included nor planned. Furthermore, the regularly available campaigns are not enabled for play when NE is installed due to changed unit balance. If you feel you can write a good script for a campaign in Napoleonic Era and ideally also know some scenario design, let us know!

Is there a version in my language? Can I help translating?

So far Napoleonic Era comes only in English, but we plan to support more languages in the future. If you would like to help translating Napoleonic Era you will find more information here.

Who are the people working on NE? How big is the team?

It's impossible to provide a fix number that shows how big the team is. The core of the team consists of around ~4 people, who've been involved in the direct development of the mod over a longer period of time. The amount of people who've assisted the NE team by doing temporary, specialist tasks such as voice acting, writing, balance and design advice or research is a lot bigger though. We also work together with individuals from other mods and if one considers elaborate, sophisticated feedback from the NE fan community a valuable contribution to the making of NE (we do), then you could conclude that NE is made by a big swarm of people.

I heard about NE2 and NE3. What is the real difference between them?

The general answer has always been: NE2 expands Age of Empires 3 while NE3 reworks it. This is no longer a clear difference though since NE2 already contains fragments of NE3 features and does already redesign (even though not quite rework) AoE3. We intend to release a comparison chart to give you a better, more detailed answer to this question.

When will Napoleonic Era be finished? When can we expect a new version?

Okay, but why is this taking so long?

Napoleonic Era has been in development since 2006 by changing team generations and experienced numerous downtimes. Each one of us has real life duties to fulfill that have a higher priority than what we consider our passion, but has also always remained an unpaid hobby. We know waiting sucks, but there are also no justified claims we are forced to fulfill. Take into account for example, that we mod while you can play games. :) Finally, modding itself is a very complex longterm process to handle that requires a lot of patience, care and a long breath. Rome wasn't built within a day, so take it with ease. It's for free!

I also mod, can I use files and ideas from NE?

As long as you are doing a mod just for private use and do not offer it for download, you are free to use it. However, if you intend to offer your mod for download in public, please ask us for permission before you release anything. For using NE assets in other projects we usually demand being credited.

Please respect that copyright does not only exist for commercial products. Listening to a free song also doesn't make it yours, right? We spend a lot of our free time to make our ideas and files work in the way we want. By taking our work for yourself without our approval you would not only steal a file, a feature or a piece of code, but also all of the time we put into researching, designing, testing and polishing it.

Will you please make a super mod together with the War of the Triple Liberties mod???

The answer is NO.


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