During the period from 1789-1849, the United States government was formed by its first president, George Washington. In numerous wars against Europeans and American Indians, as well as the acquisitions of landscapes and other agreements was formed the American temper and a large, solidified nation.

George Washington

He is a defensive character who tries to defend his citizens. War is a necessary evil, to him.
He looks for trade routes, if possible. His settlements never will be defenseless.

  • Bonus: The Americans have several types of gatherers available to them, each with different strengths and weaknesses. They do not start with an Explorer, but need to use their Frontiersmen to gather treasures. American Politicians grant additional bonuses for aging up, beyond granting shipments of units or resources. At each age, the player also gains an additional Frontiersman. Covered Wagons can also turn into mills or plantations. They can recruit Marines from the Dock and Town Center to protect the country and attack the enemy. Instead of mercenaries, Americans can ship auxiliary troops and immigrants from European countries.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Frontiersman: These heroes are good at gathering resources from the wild, including hunting, chopping wood, and foraging berries. They can build military buildings. They are good at fighting treasure guardians, and can automatically gather food while in pioneer mode to scout the map for treasures. In an emergency, Frontiersmen can also act as militiamen.
    • Miner: Miners are trained from Town Centers, but act as grenadiers. They can gather coin from mines at a high rate and yield. They can build outposts, trading posts, artillery foundries, and saloons.
    • Slave: These cheap, but weak gatherers cost coin to purchase and can only build and gather from mills and plantations. They can be bought at mills and plantations.
    • Lookout: These cheap buildings can be constructed by Frontiersmen. They provide a measure of line of sight and can garrison a few villagers.
    • Ranch: These buildings combine the features of stables and livestock pens.
    • Marine: These heavy infantry units are very cheap, and can be trained at docks as well as at barracks. They can charge quickly into melee.
    • Mounted Rifleman: These units act as mounted skirmishers.
    • Consulate: Americans can build a Consulate, allowing them to ally with civilizations from the New World.
  • Royal Guards: Mounted Rifleman, Skirmisher
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Americans have access to University technologies which upgrade their Frontiersmen in combat and also for gathering resources, and they can enable the ability to train Miners at Artillery Foundries. They also have the unique ability to revolt in the Imperial Age, rather than Industrial.

      SPECIAL NOTE: Frontiersmen and Miners are considered military units due to using tactics, which means they will move along with other military units if the 'move all military units' button is pushed.

The Austrian Empire lasted from 1804-1867. Francis I. was the first Emperor of Austria, a multi-national state, which involved some regions in southern Europe and a big territory in Eastern europe. The Austrian Empire was immediately in relation to the old-established nobility of the Habsburgs.

Maria Theresa

The 'Empress', as she prefers to be called, is a pious and well-educated woman of foresight. She treats her subjects with dignity and is continuously modernizing her empire. In an event of war she proves to be a brave defender of her territory.

  • Bonus: Austrian settlers are much cheaper than those of other civilizations and get even cheaper by every age. They have special unique fortified buildings for defense. Their politician system provides a similar array of options at each age-up: Either resources, settlers, mercenaries, or defensive buildings. The Homecity contains powerful cards for improving their native allies and mercenaries. Buildings repair themselves automatically.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Grenzer: This ranged infantry unit is fast and tough, and is good against siege troopers and artillery as well as other infantry units.
    • Line Infantry: This heavy ranged infantry unit does well damage against all cavalry units and light infantry with their ranged attack.
    • Watchtower: These buildings replace Outposts for Austrians; they are cheaper and available in greater number, but weaker.
    • Keep: These smaller forts are available an age earlier than forts are, and can be rebuilt by the Explorer if they are destroyed.
  • Royal Guards: Grenzer, Hussar
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Austrians have technologies which allow them to train settlers at their Keeps, and which allows them to construct an extra Keep.

The first French Empire covered under the reign of Napoleon I. from 1804-1815 the greatest part of Europe. The Napoleonic Era preluded a radical transfiguration of the balance of the European great powers.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon can be ambitious to the point of rudeness. He adapts his strategy to the situation, but prefers to attack with large armies of fully upgraded units, especially cavalry. He taunts his enemies frequently and may not follow his allies' lead.

  • Bonus: French units train faster than those of other civilizations. This bonus improves as they advance in age. They start with 7 Settlers, allowing them a powerful start along with their training rate bonus. Another bonus is the access to a number of elite units that can only be accessed in limited numbers, including a wider array of University units than any other civilization.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Chasseur: Heavy ranged infantryman with many hitpoints and lots of damage. Good against cavalry in melee. Only available in limited quantities.
    • Grognard: Heavy Elite Grenadier with that throws grenades to defeat infantry and buildings. Only available in limited quantities.
    • Academy: This barrack can not only train all infantry units but also Grognards and Chasseurs. Furthermore it provides a small measure of healing and can garrison infantry troops and villagers.
  • Royal Guards: Musketeer, Cuirassier
  • Unique Technologies
    • The French have technologies which upgrade their elite units and which allows them to create an early blockade (at the expense of their own team's ability to acquire new upgrades).

Kurfuerst August II.
Augustus the Strong

Hubris and ambitiousness are the well-known traits of Augustus the Strong. He is a lover of arts and women, a reform-minded and devious politician and a master at the display of splendor. The consequential need of money drives him to economic expansion. Militarily though he tends to overestimate his chances.

  • Bonus: Extra Doppelsoldners with each shipment. Mercenary shipments ship extra mercenaries. The Reichstag is an unique German building, that offers banner armies containing units that can usually not be built by Germans.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Settler Wagon: Villager that is more expensive but gathers faster than a Settler.
    • Doppelsoldner: Heavy melee infantry with bonus against cavalry.
    • Reichstag: German university that also grants access to banner armies that can usually not be trained by Germans.
    • Garde du Corps: Heavy Elite cavalry with a devastating melee attack to break infantry formations.
    • Royal Guards: Hussar, Hand Cannoneer, Skirmisher

The national situation was shaken in 1796, when French armies led by Napoleon invaded Italy; even if the states they created (e.g., Cisalpine Republic) were just satellites of France, they sparked a nationalist movement. The Cisalpine Republic was converted into the Italian Republic in 1802, under the presidency of Napoleon.

Cesare Borgia
Cesare Borgia

Like a true Borgia the son and nephew of two popes is a master of intrigue and also knows his way around the military. Benevolent rule and Papal backing grant the former cardinal the love of his people, who row his galleys and pay his mercenaries.

  • Bonus: The Italians have access to more technologies than other civilizations, their economic upgrades and market exchange are slightly better than they are for other civilizations. They have also stronger buildings; most of their buildings are constructed by their architect heroes. Italy starts with resources already in their inventory. They also gain their first shipment earlier than other civilizations. Another bonus is the large bandwidth of politicians which allows them to age up more cheaply to the Colonial, Fortress, and Industrial age, however, they do not provide no other bonuses.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Merchant: The basic Italian gatherer, Merchants gather resources quickly, especially coin. Economic upgrades at markets and mills for food and wood have a greater effect on Merchants than on other villagers. As long as Merchants gather resources, they also help ensure a faster shipment rate for Italians.
    • Architect: This hero builds most types of buildings for the Italians. His expert craftsmanship makes most Italian buildings stronger than those of other civilizations.
    • Patron Saint and Equestrian Statue: These special buildings take a long time to construct, but can provide Italians with an extra edge.
    • Basilica: This Italian religious structure can be used to grant a steady stream of church revenue, or it can spawn priests, nuncios, and inquisitors, and also functions as a University for the Italians. Their access to Basilicas means the Italians can only construct a single Factory.
    • Inquisitor: These holy investigators are good against heroes, mercenaries, native warriors, and spies. They have a large line of sight, they can see stealthy units, and they can go stealthy. They have a weak healing ability.
    • Nuncio: This superior priest unit can only be trained at the Basilica. They heal units very quickly, have an aura which boosts allied unit attack, and being sacred envoys, they cannot be targeted by ranged attackers.
    • Condottieri: These heavily armored cavalry units are tough, but they adhere to an archaic code of honor when fighting other hired soldiers.
    • Utili: These early gunpowder cavalry units are good against enemy cavalry, and have a relatively strong melee attack for a light cavalry unit.
  • Royal Guards: Crossbowman, Utili
  • Unique Technologies
    • Italian Moneylending Technologies at the market allow them to use coin to gain back a greater amount of coin later. They can upgrade the build rate of their architects for buildings, especially Town Centers, as well as the population provided, hitpoints and line of sight of houses. They can upgrade the rate at which Merchants and Trading Posts provide experience points.
    • At the Basilica, Italians have access to technologies which allows them to train more Nuncios (and makes Nuncios take up less population space) and which improves the speed of their warships.

Poland underwent in its history many partitions through other European mights as Prussia and Russia. The birth of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the sixteenth century introduced the so called Golden Age of Poland. During this period, Poland expanded its borders to become the largest country in Europe. After that age Poland became partitioned several times again. In 1807 Napoleon recreated a Polish state, the Duchy of Warsaw, but in 1815, after the Napoleonic wars, Poland was again divided.

Jan Sobieski
Jan Sobieski

His numerous victories in warfare and politics make Jan Sobieski the personification of Polish-Lithuanian glory. Being an excellent commander and maven of audacious and brilliant military tactics he causes fear and respect among his allies and enemies. Pride and sky-high ambitions may lead to disastrous consequences though.

  • Bonus: The Polish start with an outpost wagon, allowing them to establish early map control. All Polish units and buildings have extra line of sight. Buildings are cheaper, but weaker than those of other civilizations. Their farms and plantations are especially cheap, though they have a lower gatherer limit than typical. The Polish use farms rather than mills and livestock pens, and they gather faster from their farms early on. Their farms and plantations also provide housing space. The Polish cannot hunt without using a card to enable Settlers to do so. They can construct stables in the Discovery Age, allowing them to muster cavalry earlier in Colonial than most civilizations.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Szlachcic: These gentry units replace the explorer for the Polish. Unlike explorers, they are trainable and die permanently when killed. They allow the Polish to scout the map more quickly. If trained in numbers, they can allow the Polish a strong treasure-gathering ability. Later in the game, they excel at killing enemy peasants.
    • Lisowczyk: These cheap lancer units excel at killing enemy infantry.
    • Tabor: These war wagons are mobile fortifications. They are good at destroying enemy buildings and artillery, they can garrison and carry infantry units, and they are reinforced by the presence of nearby Polish infantry. When they enter Fortify mode, they can also strengthen nearby infantry.
    • Pancerni: These armored heavy cavalrymen are very tough, and they gain strength with numbers. They are somewhat lacking in ability to maneuver.
    • Partyzant: These archers are dismounted for battle, but they can mount when necessary in order to gain greater mobility, at the expense of their combat ability.
  • Royal Guards: Hussar, Pancerni
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Polish have access to technologies which allows them to train more Pancernis, and which allows their farms and plantations to hold more gatherers and spawn some resources.

The Kingdom of Prussia existed from 1701 until 1918. In 1871 Prussia became the German Empire because of Otto von Bismarck. About two-thirds of the German Empire were primary Prussian.

Frederick the Great
Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great is proud and confident. He expresses regret when his men die in battle, but does not hesitate to use his entire military power to accomplish even the smallest task. Frederick will not neglect his economy, but believes in attacking aggressively.

  • Bonus: Instead of Settlers, Prussia gets Landwehrs, powerful military villagers. With each military building they construct, they get free military units. All Prussian infantry and cavalry units autoheal over time. Prussian Outpost wagons can construct Barracks, Stables, and Foundries and they gain a free outpost wagon at each age-up. The Prussians have the largest array of unique military units of any European civilization.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Landwehr: These units replace settlers for the Prussians. They are tough gatherers that are good fighters. They always attack enemy units with a hand attack.
    • Death's Head Hussar: These powerful hand cavalry units are the Prussian light cavalry. They excel at killing enemy heavy cavalry units.
    • Lange Kerls: These grenadiers feature greater range than ordinary grenadiers have, and a bonus against heavy infantry.
    • Schutze: These Prussian Musketeers move faster, shoot quicker and have more hitpoints than usual musketeers. At range they are also good at fighting heavy infantry while in melee they counter cavalry.
    • Teutonic Knight: These heavily armored archaic heavy infantry units move slowly, but they are devastating in melee with an additional bonus against cavalry.
    • Uhlan: These hand cavalry units have a high attack value, but relatively little hit points. They are strong in melee, but may die easily if not used with care.
  • Royal Guards: Uhlan, Schutze
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Prussians have access to technologies which allows them to rapidly train and move units, and which improves the regeneration rate of their unique units.

The seventeenth century saw the rise of Sweden as one of the Great Powers in Europe. Sweden also had colonial possessions as a minor colonial Empire that existed from 17th century into the end of the 19th century. Sweden was during Imperial times the most powerful country of northern Europe and the Baltic Sea. Sweden's Imperial status took its start with Gustav II Adolph as king, and his successful participation in the Thirty Years' War, which made Sweden the recognized leader of Continental Protestantism in Europe until 1721 when the Empire collapsed.

Charles XII
Charles XII

With swift and precise attacks Charles defeats his enemies one by one. He won't stop his attacks until his enemy or he himself is utterly crushed. His reserves will not withstand a resolute attack, but his main force is immensely powerful and will not be easy to grind down in the first place.

  • Bonus: Swedish military unit line upgrades are much cheaper than those of other civilizations, also all Swedish non-archaic units can be upgraded to Royal Guard status. Swedish settlers are more expensive, limited to an amount of 50 and train slowly. Sweden gains all woodcutting upgrades for free as they age up. In addition, Sweden gains the Hunting Dogs and Placer Mines upgrades for free. The Swedish Explorer can create copper and gold mines.
  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Torp: This structure combines the properties of houses and barracks, and grants the Swedish a small trickle of wood.
    • Drabant: These heavy cavalry units are as fast as light cavalry, with a high attack value, good line of sight, and good ranged resistance.
    • Leather Cannon: These cheap artillery units are used for breaking up formations of melee units, including hand infantry and hand cavalry. They do poorly against ranged cavalry and long-ranged infantry, however.
  • Royal Guards: Musketeer, Skirmisher, Fusilier, Drabant, Dragoon, Grenadier, Pikeman
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Swedish have access to a series of technologies which improves all military units depending on how many Torps the Swedish player has, and which can increase the build limit for Torps.
    • Further they have upgrades at the University which allows them to improve all unit damage, hitpoints, and gathering rates, as well as convert all their Settlers to Conscripts.

The Swiss Old Confederacy (originally being part of the Holy Roman Empire until the treaty of Westphalia in 1648) can actually not be rated among the great powers of Europe as there neither existed a strong bond between its people nor any remarkable form of richness. But unlike one may conclude, the Swiss were of incomparably high relevance in conflicts and battles all over Europe. The Reisl'uferei created skilled and zealous mercenaries of unprecedented quality. Even after the decline of cold steel combat, Swiss mercenaries remained in military forces, highly demanded and well-paid. When the French revolutionaries overrun Switzerland in 1798 it became the Helvetic Republic.

Henri Dufour

Henri Dufour strives for the perfect victory. Thus the Swiss general will try to teach his men the military knowledge he acquired in Napoleon's service. Being an ingenious military engineer he knows that every engine needs a source of energy. With the brave and fierce Swiss men in his army he surely has found an excellent power.

  • Bonus: The Swiss are a mobile army civilization. They require few and inexpensive buildings, and have few gatherers.Their gatherers can also be used as skirmishers. They have mobile supply wagons which produce a constant stream of resources, are able to supply the Swiss army with crates of additional resources, provide economic upgrades, train surgeons and can act as a mobile dropoff point for shipments. The Swiss have early access to Halberdiers, but late access to Musketeers. They have access to an additional Arsenal-style upgrade for their Halberdier-type units.

  • Unique Units & Buildings:
    • Supply Wagon: This mobile wagon produces a constant stream of resources, carries new Foragers into the field, is able to supply the Swiss army with crates of additional resources, provides economic upgrades, trains surgeons, and can act as a mobile dropoff point for shipments.
    • Forager: These skirmishers gather resources and construct buildings for the Swiss. They are also strong in a fight, especially when upgraded.
    • Tent: These cheap, weak structures replace houses for Swiss for the purpose of providing population space. Tents provide Arsenal upgrades for gunpowder and artillery units.
    • Bivouac: These army camps allow the Swiss to train their infantry and cavalry units. Bivouacs provide Arsenal upgrades for hand and archaic units.
    • Reislaufer: These units are a unique pikeman replacement. They cost coin rather than wood, and their attack has a somewhat greater reach than normal for a melee unit.
    • Swiss Guard: These strong hand infantry units have an area attack and a large bonus against enemy heavy infantry units.
  • Royal Guards: Reislaufer, Swiss Guard
  • Unique Technologies
    • The Swiss have access to a technology which allows them to transform their Bivouacs into wagons, allowing them to move their camp elsewhere. The Swiss also have access to additional technologies to upgrade their Forager build limit.
    • The Swiss can go neutral, allowing their Foragers to gather resources while unassailed and unseen by enemy military, and they can upgrade their Tents to provide an aura which impedes enemy cavalry units.

      SPECIAL NOTE: Foragers are considered military units due to using tactics, which means they will move along with other military units if the 'move all military units' button is pushed.

Original civilizations

Not all of the original civilizations have been modified like the French or Germans, but there are new NE versions of almost all European civilizations that can be played with. These civilizations are very similiar to the original ones, but with modifications coming in the form of a few new units, politicians, technologies and cards being replaced or added.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Rifleman: Elite Skirmisher with low hitpoints, but high damage and ranged armour. Good against infantry.
  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The British gain access to two technologies, one of which allows them an extra factory and the other which allows them to rebuild destroyed factories.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Geus: Fast hand infantry unit that is good against other heavy infantry.
  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The Dutch gain access to upgrades for their bank gathering rates.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Azap: Strong and fast heavy melee infantry unit with a bonus against cavalry.
  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The Ottomans gain access to technologies which increases the damage their artillery units do to buildings and another which upgrades their infantry units.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Velas Brancas: Fishing ship which can transport units and construct docks and outposts.
    • Cartographer: Scout with a great line-of-sight and bonus against treasure guardians.
  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The Portuguese gain access to technologies which greatly increase Explorer attack and Explorer and Caravel line of sight and another which allows them to train Slaves.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Poleaxeman: Melee Infantry armed with a bardiche with bonus against cavalry.
  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The Russians gain access to technologies which makes Blockhouses slow down nearby enemy units and another which increases their population cap.

  • New Unique Units:
    • Aventuros: Archaic ranged cavalry unit that is good against heavy infantry, treasure guardians and natives.
    • Inquisitor: These holy investigators are good against heroes, mercenaries, native warriors, and spies. They have a large line of sight, they can see stealthy units, and they can go stealthy. They have a weak healing ability.

  • New Unique Technologies:
    • The Spanish gain access to upgrades which grant an increased XP trickle and faster-arriving shipments and another which upgrades their Inquisitors.
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