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Brief update on debug messages
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Mon May 16, 2016 5:12 pm
Hey there,

I don't know when this thread will be posted (Edit: Wow, that was posted instantly!), but I hope it'll be asap (this already points to one of the few issues this site seemed to get out of nowhere). I've posted it on facebook already a few days ago, but anyone who visits the forum will surely have noticed it there are some technical issues. I've received a few mails and private messages of you guys and only didn't answer them, because you'd have gotten all the same reply with the same explanations which I prefer to post once here.

The current forum issues are:

  • Delayed postings - It seems that some posts do appear on the forum after a significant delay of several days later. Can't tell whether all posts will appear after some time or just a few, but I do have that impression right now. Spies

  • Bugged post counter - You see a lot of Spies these days on the forums. I'm referring to the user rank here that - usually - only users with 0 posts get. I can't tell yet, but I assume this is also some sort of delay issue.

  • Invisible topic titles - It occurs that the topic with the latest post made appears to have no title shown in the forum overview.

  • Debug message - This is the most frequent error and appears after trying to post. I've studied the error message thoroughly, but the technical reason given there actually doesn't make much sense to me. This might either be because I'm almost clueless about SQL or because - what I actually believe - the error is somewhere else and this message just a random symptom.

Why are all these things happening? I don't know yet, but I suspect some database or cache needs to be cleared. I got in touch with Elpea, the server owner, but both of our time seem to be quite busy right now. I'll try to fix this issue either alone or with his help. Elpea has been looking into the issue briefly, I wouldn't say he fixed it, but maybe that'll happen as unexpected as the issues came in first place. Wink (let's hope for it)

The purpose of this post is that I just wanted to let you know I'm well-aware of these issues, have been and will be trying to fix them. It could take a while though, because I actually consider progressing with NE 2.2 a bit more important right now. This might sound a lil unfair, but if I'd only focus on fixing the forum NE 2.2 would be delayed even more and the truth is that the majority of NE fans would rather see a new version coming out than a fixed forum.

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