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Version: Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b

  • NE Alpine Pass
  • NE Alps
  • NE America Random
  • NE Appalachians
  • NE Atlas Mountains
  • NE Barbary Coast
  • NE Black Forest
  • NE Finland
  • NE Lake Baikal
  • NE Levant
  • NE Malta
  • NE Malta Lrg
  • NE Mesopotamia
  • NE Nile Delta
  • NE Nile Flood
  • NE Nile River
  • NE Reservations
  • NE Rhine
  • NE Sahara
  • NE Sahara Lrg
  • NE Shangra La
  • NE Sinai
  • NE Syrian Desert
  • NE Trade Routes
  • NE Ural
  • NE Vinland

Alpine Pass

A rectangular map divided by a high mountain range with only one pass through to the other side.
There is always one trade route on each side of the mountain range. There can be Bavarian and Wurttembergian villages in different combinations or locations.


The team areas are separated by a deep valley with a single crossing and each side contains a trade route.
There is always a Bavarian settlement near the camp of each player. Deep in the mountains there are usually extra silver mines and some powerful treasures.

America Random

America Random is a much-larger-than-normal map with random terrain patterns and matching resources and tribes of America. Each map has randomly several native american villages of one or two types of tribes and varying positions, randomly several variations on trade routes and endless random variety of other terrain features, such as lakes or ponds, cliffs or canyons, rivers or mountains. The giant size allows different strategies...


This map represents the long mountain ridges of the Appalachians,and has great defensive perspectives. Teams start on either side of a ridge or ridges with varying gaps through or over the barriers.
There are randomly 1 or 2 trade routes and a variety of possible numbers and placement of either Cherokee, Iroquois, Seminole or Nootka Villages - up to 2 different tribes per map.

Atlas Mountains

A long barrier ridge with only one pass divides the map. In this arid region you will find native villages of Tuareg and Barbary Pirates, plenty of palms, mines, sheep and deer for resources.
There is one trade route on each side of the ridge to supplement your economy.

Barbary Coast

In this coastal arid region you will find Tuareg and/or Egyptian native villages, plenty of palms, mines, sheep and deer for resources.
The seas are rich in resources as well, but watch out for ships of the dread Barbary pirates off the coast.
There can either be one or two trade routes to supplement your economy.

Black Forest

This map represents the Black Forest in southern Germany. The forests provide natural barriers and choke points. There is no trade route.


In Finland, you will be able to randomly play during winter or summer. The forest is really dense and it is easy to loose your opponent within it. There are a lot of fishes and a lot of animals. Two Finnish villages are scattered throughout the map.

NE Lake Baikal

Very long narrow Siberian inland lake, teams start at opposite ends - map is rectangular with players fairly far apart. One trade route runs the length of the map on each side of the lake.
There are Mongol and/or Shaolin villages placed fairly but in various patterns. Randomly summer or winter.


The coastal area of the Holy Land with one large offshore island.
There are one or two trade routes per map. Natives will vary in number and include Egyptians and Maltese.


Malta is a slightly larger-than-normal map, with multiple possible terrain patterns and matching resources and tribes. Each map contains 2 or 3 Maltese villages, two trade routes, fair resources, including rich fishing.
Watch out for the Ottoman Galleys which are sieging Malta. There is a slight possibility for a landfall of Janissaries or Hoop Throwers defending the coast.


Players on this larger-than-normal map start on opposite sides of parallel rivers with randomly 1-4 crossings over each river. The land area between the rivers is richest in resources. There can be different numbers of trade posts.

Nile Delta

Nile Delta represents the branching river mouth, with one shallow crossing over each part of the river.
There are 2 trade routes, one on each major land section. The delta area has more resources for the growth of your empire, as well as a few villages of Egyptians or Tuaregs. Control the river and the rich delta area for victory!

Nile Flood

The Nile River has flooded, covering cropland which can still be harvested.
Players start in a line midway between the river and desert, where the only extra mines on the map are located.
This map has less than usual huntable or domesticated animals. Native Egyptians and/or Tuaregs may be found in the desert, along with the single trade route.

Nile River

There is a wide river separating teams, without any land crossing. You will find Tuareg and/or Egyptian native villages on each bank, with palms, mines and deer for resources. The river is rich in fish. There is one trade route on each side of the river to supplement your economy.


This map uses unique settlements to give access to more Native American warriors. Three different native villages per player, each with 2 trade posts, allows huge battles with the native units. The natives vary randomly and roughly fit the randomly chosen terrain pattern. There are also two trade routes per map as well as adequate fauna, forests and silver.


Rhine is a central river with 1-4 crossings, which can be used defensively in several ways. You get 2 outpost wagons at the start (varies by civilization). There is one trade route on each side of the river and one or two types of German natives per map being either Westphalians or Wurttembergers, with varying position and number.


A large desert map with virtually all of the forest clustered around edge. Other resources including mines, deer and relics are pretty standard. There are a few small oases scattered across the desert.
Batives include Tuareg and/or Egyptians. There is trade route variety, variety in cliffs and in native numbers and location.

Shangri La

Players all start on the snowy Tibetan Plateau to the east side of a high mountain range, each with a single silver mine and limited local resources. Find the few passes through the mountains to the fabled lost valley of Shangri La, where natives, a trade route, gold, treasures and plentiful other extra resources await.


A small desert map with no trade routes. The muslim Egyptians, Tuareg and Barbary Pirates may offer their help.

Syrian Desert

The players are placed in a crescent around a rugged, mountainous area that is rich of mines.
There are one or two trade routes to supplement your economy and Egyptians may join your cause.

Trade Routes

There are always two trade routes crossing in the map center of this tiny map. The first player and his mate will start at the trade crossings. Redwood trees provide plenty of wood. Every player starts with a priest.


Ural is a larger map featuring a central river with a few river crossings, and unique starting positions. There is single trade route on each half of the map and there are a few native villages of one or two types. You may be battling in the winter or summer seasons.


Vinland supports only few animals, but the ocean offers a bounty of fish. Only a small number of trees provides wood for constructing ships.
You will share an island with your teammates. There will always be the American continent with a trade route and an Iroquois village.

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