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PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:09 am    Post subject: ESO friendly bug fixes

there are some bugs on aoe3, that could be fixed with ESO friendly solution and I'm trying to fix them.

I have found the way to fix sound files, but I have no idea how to fix textures.

Following units had no sound:

Chinese, Japanese and Indian surgeon now got british surgeon sound.
Iroquois discovery travois now got normal travois sound.
Sufi Pilgrimage goat now got normal Goat sound.
Consulate Portuguese Ironclad now has Portugal Ironclad sound.
Silk road trading post now got normal trading post selection sound.
Russian church Kalmuck (dragoon) got now Russian Cavalry Archer sound.

I haven't figured out how to set one country to use different unit texture. I know how to replace the whole texture, but it would make the same problem for other nations.

Japanese consulate Dutch church should have Dutch church texture.
Japanese consulate Dutch arsenal should have Dutch church texture.
Chinese consulate Russian factory has Port/spain texture it should have Russian factory texture.

Strangely Chinese consulate Russian fort has the correct texture, but it uses Portuguese fort names.

Please post if you know similar bugs in aoe3 that I didn't listed. Or if you have solution to my problem.

Download link:
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