defeating the british
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well I'd rather say there's two things:

economy vs Military

of which each can be done agressively or defensively.

resulting in


4.the thing you do in NR 50+ games thus slowly developing your economy.

Thus in a normal game resulting in 3 playstyles which are arranged in following triangle(you already sketched out for us):

R < T
V _ ^
_ B

*ugly huh?

Which in turn all but 3 beat the forth path in NR0 games and are ALL beaten by it in NR50 matches.
Treaties inbetween yield different results, with which I'm not totally aquainted.

In addition you also have different Sweetspots for different civs, playstyles and Traties, which add Strategies like age 1 rush, fast fortress, fast indusitrial and fast Imperial.
which in essence are rushing stratgies with a certain amount of Boom.
for instance the FF is pretty weak against a (standard age 2) rush mediocre against a turtler and Great against a FI(both) or other sort of boom.
I'm not quite into the us but for example:
dutch vs British
the main dutch units are skirm, [RG]Hele, [RG]Ruyter, falkonett.
this makes them the PERFECT FF civ - all their main units "get" a free upgrade in age3 thus they are better than age2 units, their economy grows fast as baks gather at the same time as settlers but as soon as they trained all their 50 settlers it does not grow on land anymore, which in turn means they suck at path 4 and should not pull the Boom to the end Wink
The main British units are (correct me if I'm wrong) L-bow, [RG] Musk, [RG] Hussar and the Rocket(let's just claim that). as all their regularunits are age 2 units they have an ample rush nothing great but ok. they are however the worsed FFers of all(vanilla civs) because they don't gain terribly much in age 3 apart from the falkonett. due to their manors they can get maximum economic capacity before other civs making them great boomers or FI.

After I wrote all this i looked at the threa title and added the spoiler. But at least it has a part about brits^^
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