AoE (NE) Inst Tool 2.0 will be available soon

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:25 pm    Post subject: AoE (NE) Inst Tool 2.0 will be available soon

Dear users,

I'm happy to say that I'm working on a new version of AoE (NE) Inst Tool, the 2.0

- What will it include of new?

It will include the capability to make little backups of original Age Of Empires, not to use plus than 100-200 mb of backup, but it will possible anyway to make it.
In addition, the new tool will be able to install the WoTTA (War of The Triple Alliance)

- But it weighs about 500 MB, wouldn't it be a discomfort for who want only to install NE?

As Tilanus Commodor told me, it would, but the WoTTA mod will not be included in the Aoe InstTool folder, so if a user would like to use it, he will have to download manually (or automatically, but they should change file-host, so not for now) and load it from the tool. So only if wants to install WoTTA will use more space for the tool.
Maybe there will be also little backups for WoTTA, but I have to talk with their staff to get what I need.

But what do I need to do this?
I need the entire list of files which NE mod edits and the files which NE mod adds. If I will have these files, probably the NE setup will be replaced by the tool.

If I will have all this, AoE Inst tool will use less MB for both expansions (or more if I will add) than the only backup of the game for NE.


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