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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:47 pm    Post subject: Assorted Swedes

I thought I could just as well make this list public. It's just some people that could be utilized as politicians, for cards or technologies - as requested. A work in progress; edits to be expected.

  • Axel Oxenstierna 1583 - 1654
    Considered to be the founder of the Swedish state administration. Without a doubt one of the most important people in Swedish history. Should bring economic benefit if selected.
    Axel Oxenstierna Spoiler:

  • Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld 1651 - 1722
    Field marshal, teacher to king Charles XII, instrumental to the successes of the Swedish army especially in the great northern war. Military shipments or improvements
    Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld Spoiler:

  • Arvid Horn 1664 - 1742
    Count. Military commander. Administrator. Practically run the country in place of the king after the loss of the great northern war. Could bring any benefits.
    Arvid Horn Spoiler:

  • "Hattarna" - Hats 1700's
    Political faction that wanted to restore Sweden's glory through wars and aggressive foreign policy. Military focus.

  • "Mössorna" - Caps 1700's
    Political faction that wanted to preserve the peace. More focused on economy and building prosperity.

  • Carl von Linné 1707 - 1778
    Father of modern taxonomy, biology, ecology. Sent out disciples to find and catalogue plant- and animal life. "Linnean disciples" could for instance be used as a card or technology "Being on constant lookout for new wildlife makes your settlers gather x more slowly, but you get an XP trickle".
    Carl von Linné Spoiler:

  • Christopher Polhem 1661 - 1751
    Inventor and industrialist, engineering pioneer. Worked on modernising mining. Founded a mechanical factory. Invented a type of padlock that was produced into the 1950's, the precursor to the most common design today.
    Christopher Polhem Spoiler:

  • Nils Henric Liljensparre 1738 - 1814
    Competent chief of police in Stockholm during the time of the murder on king Gustav III. Unscrupulous and feared by many. Built a spy network in the city.
    Nils Henric Liljensparre Spoiler:

  • Sven Åderman 16xx - 17xx
    Relatively unknown, but is on record as being generously rewarded by the king for improving the muskets of the army so that a higher rate of fire could be achieved.

  • Karolinska institutet
    *Currently one of the top medical universities in the world. Was founded in 1810, to improve the supply of field surgeons for the army.
    Current logotype Spoiler:

More to come...
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:43 pm    Post subject:

Very good! Noted this thread URL in my internal doc for Swedes. Cool
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