Swiss strategies: how to lame properly
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Prussian Landwehr
Prussian Landwehr

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:18 am    Post subject:

Swiss is a ridiculously OP civ for supremacy. The easiest (and lamest) strat is the pikemen rush, where you can get ~ 40 by 6 minutes if done right, and can just demolish buildings. Houses Arrow military Arrow town center is the priority. You can also mix in crossbows or hussars later on in case you run low on troops. Adding to that, the berry bush card (their best card imo) which gives them a very good trade off (10w for 1000 food bushes, which gather as fast as hunts) assures that you dont need to go outside to hunt. Another amazing aspect of them is their mobility, which arises from their supply wagons, and their biouvac Arrow wagon tech. In addition, they get free villagers so they are ottomans on steroids.

IMO, the 9 min imperial (with army/TP) is also a considerable strategy, but can be punished by italy/sweden/poland (raids).

They outboom french in treaty at least in 2v2 /3v3 comp stomps (online with lag). You can easily get 3200 score with them if you abuse fur trade/bushes. I then use the gold to buy wood crates if needed.
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Infantry Officer
Infantry Officer

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:41 am    Post subject:

Hey, Noissance! Remember when we met online with all my friends! What a fun game that was.

I do agree that the Swiss are OP in a rush game, however I wouldn't say they are a stellar treaty civilization. While the Swiss Guard is powerful, I myself find instant-training units more of a curse, as they quickly drain your economy (Gendarmes, anyone?). Furthermore, their ranged infantry is weak like milk and their cavalry is almost nonexistent, and the fact that they do not have walls makes them almost unusable in a 1v1 treaty. That being said, I did see a player make a wall of Bivouacs, which was pretty hilarious, as well as hard to penetrate. He had them about ten feet deep and whenever I sent any units other than artillery to attack them, he just spammed Swiss Guards from the bivouacs around the one i was besieging and destroy me.


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