AoE 3 vs AoE 2
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I think I spent most of my RTS-gaming time playing RoN, so for me it might have gotten a lil' repetitive lol

AoE2 takes the second place, AoE3 being the third followed closely by AoE:RoR. The time spent sums up to many more hours than I'd like to admit Embarassed

Sadly my laptop is a bit too slow for playing 0 A.D. at a comfortable FPS rate. I like the way this game is going, absolutely up to my taste. Right now it features area control, building capture, placing units on walls and collecting resources with military units instead of villagers (female villagers are available and provide a gather-boost aura; military units rank up when fighting and they collect resources slower with every rank up). Taking the finest concepts from AoE series, RoN, EE and Total War it may become a gem.

I tried Empire Earth and Starcraft, but I didn't enjoy them, I had to quit Total War because my laptop doesn't like the engine and lags badly. I don't consider ANNO series RTS, though. This took another bunch of my spare hours, but I'm afraid the lack of mulitplayer in the latest 2205 may kill the series off, people hate it and I'm among the ones who didn't buy the game because of it.

RoN gets one step too far with the civ similarity, economic tech tree is exactly the same for every civ and in the long run you need to research all the techs no matter what civ you play. The time span makes some civs nice to play only at certain ages (eg. Greek) and some being versatile (eg. French). In AoE2 I can give up gold mining techs if I am Aztec relic-collector and get that last woodcutting tech earlier as a consequence, that's why I like the civ assymetry.

Did I read that right: AoE2 and shitty balance? lol Whoever says that should point a better balanced game while giving the statement. There are moments when it feels too balanced. AoE3 has some issues, I don't play TWC civs at all in TWC+TAD matches because of the balance. Ottomans are my personal favourite, mainly because I'm not good with hotkeys and pumping the vills instead of me is really nice. Oh, and the bombards evil

AoE2 has a better approach to campaign, but that's not of any interest for online players (and because nothing can beat the super-intense CtW Cold War campaign in RoN). I miss the monks in AoE3, converting units was always a tricky thing, but I understand it was a bit too spiritual for a game trying to stay realistic. What I'd like to see back in AoE3 is player to player trading.

Sadly, RoN players are hard to find and modders are almost extinct. That's extremely sad given how much potential the game has. I can easily imagine a total conversion limiting the time span and making the game absolutely brilliant.
"Let us return to the past; it will be progress."
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