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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:01 pm    Post subject: Mistakes with Italians!

I hope this is the right sect-AHEM... Hi everybody! I'm kind of new to this forum.

I had a lot of fun playing with the core series and with Napoleonic Era as well!

However, I noticed a couple of errors with the Italian civilization, which for me, as an Italian (I'm sorry for eventual mistakes or typos) are unacceptable! Razz

I will not talk about glitches, techs/cards not working thou, but on something which makes no historical sense.

- Fishing boats "speak" Spanish.

- "Revived Legions", an exclusive Colonial Age church technology. This technology (1000 Gold) gives the player 13 rodeleros. I think it is kind of ridiculous that an Italian settlment of the second millennium A.D. still has soldiers which are reminiscent of an empire that set off centuries ago. And moreover these rodeleros are SPANISH and speak - of course - Spanish! I think it could be appropriate to replace this techology with another one (i.e. something which reduces/changes the cost of merchants).

- Dialogues.

Italian explorer says:

"Sono belle le americane!", which can be trasnalted into "American girls are beautiful". I actually believe that is odd that an explorer says such a sentence when shooting a bear.

"Uuuh!", seriously? lol

"Che bel tempo!", Italian for "what a beautiful day". WHY. Seriously... WHY. German/French/Spanish soldiers are so fearsome and rentless and willingly to kill an enemy with a glance... and Italian are just staring at the sky? lol lol lol

Soldiers and Architects say "Infantile", or "Childish" when attacking. Why? This makes no sense! lol

Or even something such as:

"State menti!"... which does not mean anything! I cannot even guess what they were intended to say.

"Arrivederci!", "Goodbye". Why? ;_;

"Sono preparato,", "I am prepared."...it would be better to say "Sono pronto!", "I'm ready".

Actually, the whole voices of soldiers should be edited, since they are not appropriate.


I have a microphone, so I may record something, even though it will not be anything close to be professional.

I'm not angry at all, and I don't want to offend anybody, but I believe that this should be fixed, lol!

I'd thank the staff again for this amazing mod which is constantly giving me a lot of fun!

I have not checked other civilizations, I focused on MY (?) civ Razz.

Bye! ^^
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NE Assistant
NE Assistant

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:36 pm    Post subject:

Hey, welcome to this forum Smile

Thanks for the feedback, I think that given the points you showed, this needs indeed some changes ^^
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NE Commander

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:01 pm    Post subject:

Hey JimGam9, thanks for the post. I value your feedback on the suboptimal semantics of the Italian civ. I noted the sound mistake with fishing boats. I recognized the 'funniness' of the Explorer texts as well already quite some time ago. The problem are appropriate replacements. I could re-use regular military samples for now, if that's okay?

Apart from that I'd really appreciate someone else recording a Italian voice sets that are complementary to the existing ones. Italians will get new units in NE 2.2, so the earlier you can help out with these voices, the better for the Italian civ. Smile

Have you seen the NE recruitment thread? Inside you'll find the usual instructions for speakers. Best start would be to send me a recording sample as described in there. Smile

Regarding the Revived Legions, I clearly see your point and I wasn't sure whether I should keep this tech or not. On the other site it's a sweet tech. Rotellieri were known in Italian states and many 'ordinances' (battle formations) of that time are actually inspired by those of the Roman legions. So the relation might not be that obvious, but it's not like it'd be a product of fantasy. Wink
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