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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:44 pm    Post subject: Modding trade routes

Basically it's an X-post from AoE3 Heaven, I'm trying to get more attention because the case is problematic.,39244,,10

I can get the trade route to work the way I want, but most of the solutions cause changes in other areas which are a problem (if they didn't I'd leave them the way they are). Replacing the trade units in the protoy.xml is the most obvious working solution, but I know the thing can be done the other way round as several modding teams can do that. The thing is I'd like to have more trade route types than there are already and the protoy.xml solution doesn't allow that.

Sadly I couldn't find a line of code telling the game what to do with the trade routes, but I may have omitted something. traderoutes.xmb doesn't help, neither does techtreey.xml nor RM scripts (I thought the thing may be coded specifically for maps, but it isn't). Any idea how to approach the matter?
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