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BG Rampo

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:26 pm    Post subject: NE Static and Bug Report

To Whom of All NE Member

As I detected, long time no new update for this mod. From the time this website is down for something that i can't detected. I hope someone tell me about the time the new update of this mod released

Next, as usual, During i play this mod, I've detected some bugs:
1: Chatset of Swedish Karl XIII is missing
2: AI French sometimes not working well, as i detected this. the problem that occur is training Chasseur and Grognard in Academy. I think if you remove Batch training of these unit, AI French will work well again
3: Some Unit's icon are missing or sometimes showing incorrectly. Example: Polish Szlachcic, Lisowczyk, ...
4: Native of Bavarian and barbary Pirates isn't correctly shown when trading post in these native is built. (That mean i can't see native units and tech available)
5: German Reichstag: As i detected, this building can train a banner of some special units that's related in German, as well as train a banner of units that can't be train by the german like: Musketeer, Dragoon, ... The problem is when completed training the banner army, nothing spawn, as well as Garde du Corps
For example: A banner army named Württemberger Eskadron that send 8 fusiliers and 4 Wurttemberg Mounted Grenadier, but none of these unit spawn after completed training

That's temporary thing i talk, maybe i'll check for next bugs
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BG Rampo
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The Navigator Prince
Austrian Line Infantry
Austrian Line Infantry

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:53 pm    Post subject:

I'm not part of the NE Team nor I intend to seem so but:

1- they know that the Swedish AI doesn't "speak to us";
2- they also know that the French AI also doesn't work well sometimes and the training of Chasseurs and Grognards will be corrected in the next version;
3- (most of) the problems with the misplaced icons will be corrected in the next version (also many more and cool ones were made) ;
4- I have the same problem. Until now, I thought I was the only one with that issue and that it must be a "data problem" as I and Firestrom (cool NE Team member) agreed;
5- same as 4. With me after the training is complete apears just 1 unit with 0 attack and hp.

I hope this clarifies you til the Team answers.
But hey wright now, the NE "Team" is basicly just Tilanus so you may have to wait. Razz
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