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Alain Magnan
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Prussian Landwehr

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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 4:51 pm    Post subject:

Tramplefoot wrote:
We have Netherlands as a classic civ, but how about the French-built Kingdom of Holland?

> Defensive Team based civilization

Royal Guards: French Hussar, Royal Veles
Unique Units: Corps Israelieten, cavalry disabled (except French Hussar)
Unique Mechanics: Settlers limited at 50. Can train both advanced French settlers, and regular Villagers. Cannot build the shared set of European units. Has an excessive amount of TEAM cards, has research in the University for different Banner Armies, which sends different units around the Kingdom.

Unique Research:

- Reign of Terror: Your unexpected upheaval to the position of a monarch has dramatically influenced your troops with the fearsome shadow of your bloodthirsty brother. Your infantry gets %50 more hitpoints, but your gatherers work %25 slower.

- Sang de Conscrits: The dutch resist your conscription, but you are the Law.
Delivers 10 Conscripts, but each time this policy used, your next Age Up costs 500 food more. Disabled in the Imperial Age.

- Return to the Consul: Accept your brother's offering, and transform into a French settlement. Your Dutch villagers are removed, and Hollander banner armies are now disabled, but French Hussars and all your newly trained French units cost %10 less, as a small gift from the Supreme Emperor.

- Lodewijk's Gambit: Reject your brother's command and transform into a Dutch settlement. Your French villagers are removed, and French Hussars are no longer trainable, but your Conscripts transform into Imperial Skirmishers. A present for your wise decision, 3000 Coin, is sent to your court by the humble William I.

Really good, but maybe more as natives rather than a full blown civilization?
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