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French Conscript
French Conscript

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:04 pm    Post subject: Swiss 2900 score TR40 boom

Swiss are the best civ in almost every aspect of the game, except for maybe water.

In treaty they do not have walls, but it is not a problem if you are playing in a team and teammates wall you off. They have an insane late game mechanic - infantry nearly instantly builds cheap barracks that train hand infantry instantly. And their eco is crazy as well - here is my guide how to get 2900 score at 40 min.

- Start. Gather only food. Research hunting dogs at the wagon when they generate enough resources. Set the military spawn point from wagons - followers will go there because they are considered military units. Send food trickle first. Age up with forager (vill and food).
- Task most of your followers to wood and research gang saw. After you age up, get upgrades in this order - steel traps, first villager limit upgrade, placer mines. Stop gathering wood and gather food and gold to age. Age up with the forager. Send follower recruitment.
- Gather mostly wood and some food. After you age up queue 1 more wagon in the town center, get the second and the third villager limit upgrades and amalgamation. Stop gathering wood and task villagers to food and gold. Send Swiss banking, elite follower corps and refrigeration in this order. Age up with the forager.
- Send factory followed by the wagon limit card. Age up to imperial with the forager again!!! Get the factory food upgrade and send military logistics (wagon income). Gather all 3 resources, mostly wood and get wood upgrades from wagons.
- After you age up, get the town center tech that allows you to build 1 more supply wagon. Queue all supply wagons you don't have (7), get capitol upgrades from wagons and send sustainable agriculture. Build 6 mills, upgrade and gather only from them, don't forget to set the factory to food. Send marching order to improve follower speed. Get mercantilism and send all 3 livestock cards - cheap livestock, ranching and stockyards. Build 5 pens and make all sheep and cows, gather those when they are fattened and make new.
- Send fur trade a couple minutes before treaty ends and build and upgrade your army. There boom ends and massacre starts.

I hope this helped or at least was interesting.
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NE Assistant
NE Assistant

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:20 pm    Post subject:

Trades are quite OP indeed, and the berries strat with swiss civ is megaOP. But anyway, changes from the next NE may make this impossible for the future Smile
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