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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:19 am    Post subject: Lots of answers...

Arrow What is the Homecity hotfix for?
The homecity 106 hotfix gives you one level 106 homecity per civ. Cause you're not able to use your old AoE3 homecities in AoE3:Napoleonic-Era I think this is supposed to recompense you Wink .

Arrow If I get the Ottoman fix, what will happen?
It will give you an Ottoman homecity and the ability to play the Ottomans, because this was no longer possible in the basic version of NE.

Arrow Will it replace one of the civs that I can fight?
I don't think so.

Arrow I have never really heard anything new for the Ottomans
Even the Ottomans got some new stuff. For example if you look in the "Units"-Section you'll find this:


Azap: Strong and moderately fast hand infantry. Good against cavalry and buildings.

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